Resources in Benue State

HUMAN RESOURCEShumanresources

· Four (4) Universities (Federal, State and Private including the Federal University of Agriculture).
· Two (2) polythenics
· Seven (7) Colleges of Education (State and Private)
· Five (5) public institutions of Agriculture
· College of Health Science
· College of Health Technology
· 733 Public Secondary Schools
· 1863 Private Secondary Schools
· 2751 Private Primary Schools
· 826 Public Health Facilities
· 497 Private Health facilities


Benue State offers visitors fascinating scenery and colorful activities to behold, souvenirs to cherish and the happy memories of its hospitable and accommodating people to take away and treasure for a long time.

Tourism anywhere in the world is a good spinner and so, mindful of the revenue-yielding potential of this sector, the government has put in place machinery to the state is one such machinery. Under the new development, all the long neglected beaches in the state would be developed to have international hotels and other facilities.


Benue state boasts of enchanting scenery which includes Ushongo hills in Ushongo Local Government Area, Selagi and Haaga in Katsina-Ala Local Government Area and Andibilia hills in Oju Local Government. The rest are the Ikwe hills in Gwer Local Government Area, and Enumabia warm springs in Ogbadibo Local Government. Other notable tourists sites in the State include historical monuments and sites of interest such as the Tiv trench fortifications of the 18th Century in Turan, Kwande Local Government Area, which were defense bulwarks against the invading Chamba horsemen, the Gbeleve tradepost near Katsina-Ala, one of the earliest colonial trade posts in Tivland, the tombs of the early missionaries at Sai and Haaga in Katsina-Ala Local Government Area and the palaces of the Tor-Tiv in Gboko and Och'Idoma in Otukpo, which are veritable museums containing the material cultures of the people. The Utiyo iron smelting furnaces of the Igede people still stand today at Ibilla-Alukpo in Oju Local Government Area.


The people of Benue State have a rich, diverse and interesting cultural heritage as exemplified in their dances, masquerades, music, theatre and traditional attires which have won the state laurels both at the local and international levels.