Investment Opportunities In Benue State


a. Small scale industries for paper conversion, leather and plastic footwear, manufacturing of metals such as knots, bolts, nails, locks, Crown corks, tin containers etc.
b. Establishment of industries for the manufacture of glass and electric bulbs due to the availability of feldspar and wolframite.
c. Small and medium scale farming of agricultural produce and seedlings such as rice, grains, tubers, nuts, fruits, rearing of livestock and fisheries.
d. Establishment of agro allied industries such as flour processing, meat canning, juice extraction from medium scale to large scale.
e. Creation of industrial parks and warehouses.

a. Large scale mechanized farming.
b. Vegetable Oil Processing
c. Sugar manufacturing.
d. Livestock farming and feed production.
e. Meat Processing.
f. Fruit juice production.
g. Starch and glue production.
h. Production of organic and inorganic fertilizers.
i. Vigorous rice cultivation and processing.
j. Modernized fishing and aquatic exploration along River Benue (Longest strecht of river in Nigeria)