Resources in Benue State




Benue State has mainly 9 solid mineral in large and abundant commercial deposits spread across the 23 Local Governments of the state that are viable for cement production, pharmaceutical drugs, power generation, paint manufacturing and glass manufacturing, such minerals that exist in abundance in Benue State are Baryte, Salt, Limestone, Coal, Glass sand,Brickclay, Kaolin, Lead Zinc and Gypsum.


There are tremendous opportunities for investments in the solid mineral sector in Nigeria.
The federal ministry of Solid minerals grants prospecting licenses for investors (both local
and foreign) to participate in exploitation of vast mineral resources in Nigeria. Benue state is blessed with abundant solid minerals deposit capable of feeding medium to large scale industries for optimum industrial operation. These resources are widely distributed in Local Government Areas of the state. Geophysical surveys and other studies have confirmed that Benue State is endowed with many mineral resources in large quantities, which can support many industries. These include:

1. LIMESTONElimestone
This exists abundantly in 8 Local Government areas in Benue State and is
currently being exploited by Benue Cement Company Plc, near Gboko.
Deposits exist in Ado, Apa, Gboko, Guma, Katsina-Ala, Oju, Konshisha,
Makurdi and Tarka Local Government areas. They are vast and of good
quality and can be exploited for additional cement plants production.

2. GLASS SANDglassand
Situated in five local government areas of the state is good for the production of glass bottles and is also very useful for oil drilling foundry.This is found in Buruku,Gboko,Katsina-Ala,Makurdi and Vandeikya.

3. BARYTESbarytes
Found in Gboko,Guma,Gwer,Makurdi and Ushongo local government areas.Useful in oil well drilling, production of glass and chemicals .

This is used in the production of cement, fertilizers exists in 6 local government areas



Benue's top Mineral Resources
1. Limestone Cement, Ceramic wares,chemicals, Lime, Glasses,Water treatment plant,Paper Fertilizer, as filler inplastics, fluxes in smeltingiron and steel and sourcesof industrial salt. *Cement factories
*Lime producing factory
*Precipitated Calcium
Carbonate firm
2. Glass Sand Bottle and glass making (bulb, fuse, mirror,headlamp, louvers etc) Abrasive. *Chalk manufacturing industry
*Ceramic industry
Tiles and sanitary wares firm.
3. Barytes Useful in oil well drilling, production of glass and chemicals. Drilling fluids Manufacturing
industry for Oil and Gas Exploration.
4.Gypsum used in the production of cement, fertilizers Cement factories.
5. Kaolin Ceramic wares, Cosmetics, as adsorbents in water and water treatment plants, as acomponent in paint. Also used to make toothpaste. Ceramic factories,
6. Coal Power generation. Domestic and commercial cooking. Power generating industries.